Paulo Friere's Oppression Theory Analysis

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In this essay will be mainly discussed personal educational experiences in Paulo Friere’s eye in regard to Pedagogy of the Oppressed theory. According to this theory educator-learner relationship will be interpreted as an oppressor-oppressed relation. The point of discussing this issue is to evaluate freedom, inequality, dehumanization, exploitation and liberation in this educator-learner/oppressor-oppressed situation. In the essay explanation of the mentioned key words will be given in the light of interpretations and experiences. First of all the main issue which is oppression will be defined by Charlton. Charlton states ‘’oppression occurs when individuals are systematically subjected to political, economic, cultural, or social degradation because they belong to a social group… results from structures of domination and subordination and correspondingly, ideologies of superiority and inferiority.’’ (Charlton, 1998). According to Charlton oppression is strongly discrimination of social group which is predominant part of the society at the same time the part that under the influence of the group that own the power of administration, in other words upper class group. At the present time operation of oppression theory is not exactly mentioned above but still contains…show more content…
briefly the theory is applicable as long as considering the human rights. However under any circumstances the theory always will be in education system this is because the education system is based on oppressor-opressed relationship in some respects incommutabily. Hence, Paula Friere’s theory could be used to describe student-educator relationship in perspective of the oppression theory to account for some domineering
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