Paul's Ashes Play Analysis

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Paul uses the disconnect between the Upper East Side couples and children to get his way. Throughout the play, Paul is able to figure out what makes people tick and exploit it. For the Upper East Side families, he’s able to give the parents the perfect child that they never had—and never deserved. He is able to shed light on the image of their perfect lives, and show the reality that their kids really hate them. In the play’s first scene, Louisa talks about elephants—everyone knows they exist but there’s an agreement not to discuss them. Paul uses the I was mugged, my thesis stolen, I go to school with your child story on three Upper East Side families, who are connected through their children who went to boarding school together. The disconnect between the parents and their children is a key theme in this play. Doug, Dr. Fine’s son, claims“you never do anything for me” (42); Woody, Louisa and Flan’s sons says, “I hate it here. I hate this house. I hate you” (42). When Paul enters their lives, he provides…show more content…
Dissatisfaction with who your are, and the idea that you are connected to everyone on the world by six degrees of separation, plays into the idea that identity is fluid and you could really be anyone because we’re all connected. When Paul comes and visits the Kittredges, he says that it was the best night of his life; a simple view into the life of Louisa and Flan--or the life they have on display for Geoffrey. PG.45 the idea of six degrees of separation makes it easier to think of what you could be. This speech also shows Louisa transition, she portrays people as equal and shows a global awareness of others. She now associating herself with “lower” people, and her previously only materialistic awareness has been replaced by a more worldly and centered view. She’s attemping to make connections with the rest of
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