Paul's Choices In Tangerine

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Is Paul's whole life a secret? In the novel, Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, Mrs Fisher keeps so many secrets from Paul and makes so many decisions that change his life! She makes three wrong choices in the book that changes Paul's life forever. The choices she makes were to keep a secret how Paul got his glasses, tells Paul’s new school that he is legally blind, and chose to support Paul with his soccer dream. All choices made by Mrs. Fisher was to only protect her son, but Paul did not see it that way. The choices Mrs. Fisher makes, and the consequences of those choices, affect the her life. The first choice Mrs. Fisher makes was to not tell Paul what really happens to his eyes. The only story that Paul remembers was that he stared at an eclipse too long and went blind, but he soon came to find out that his brother, Erik, was the real reason. He has a flashback and remembers every single thing that happens to him. His brother Erik was playing with a friend with spray paint and they got in trouble. When Paul comes out, Erik accuses him of telling on them, so as revenge, Erik holds Paul eyeballs open while his friend came and sprayed Paul with…show more content…
Fisher made was actually a good one. She chooses to support Paul with his soccer dreams when no one else does. When they were driving mom saw some of the Lake Windsor students playing soccer. She pushes Paul to go try out with them and he did really good and gained a lot of confidence. “I turned around and, sure enough, behind the field of portables was a small group heading toward the middle-school soccer field. ‘Thats Mike Costello’s brother in front. His name’s Joey. Go ahead, Paul, catch up to them. Teach them a few things.” (31-33) Paul was very cocky and didn't try very hard when he was playing with the boys. Paul gained confidence by playing soccer and did very good. Mom helped him out with that. Mrs. Fisher did not have a consequence, she was proud of her son. Paul was happy for
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