Paul's Letter To Philippian Analysis

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The occasion of Paul’s letters from prison in Philippian have several reasons. While Paul was in Rome the church at Philippi sent him a gift. Paul’s letter expressed a thank you to them, to comfort them about his situation, to warn them against disunity and false teaching. The two major problems that surface in Philippian; first there was conflict between Euodia and Syntyche, two women in the church. He letter encouraged them live in harmony. The second reason was the false teachings, so the letter was a serious warning against their teachings. Paul’s personal concern begins with the apostle. He regarded them as partners in the gospel, so they sought to update the Philippians about circumstance and advancement of the gospel. In addition, evidence suggested that there was a commendation of Timothy to welcome him to Philippians, Paul’s desire for future visit to Philippians, and the illness…show more content…
The Judaizers were the primary center of Paul’s dispute and it was centered on the works of the law. The specific law was the circumcision of males, Jewish festivals participation, and the eating of kosher food (Asumang, 2012, 2).
The occasion of Paul’s letters from prison in Colossians was false teaching and his purpose was combat false teaching with the sovereignty and sufficiency of Christ. Scholars have debated issue of the distinguishing marks of the false teaching (KKQ, 605). I. K. Smith stated that many scholars disagreed over the occasion still agree on Paul’s response. No one knows all the details of the Colossian errorists, but it was easy to see that Colossian serves as a Christ-centered correction. “Paul made at least three main points in Colossians: (1) all the fullness dwells in the preeminent Christ; (2) believers are complete in Christ; and thus (3) they should seek to know more of Christ in his fullness by seeking the things above where he dwells, not the things on the earth” (KKQ,

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