Pavlov's Psychodynamic Approach

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In this assignment I will be looking at the Behaviourist perspective with Ivan Pavlov’s (1902) theory about classical conditioning and Bandura’s (1961) Social Learning Theory with observational learning. I will be discussing how I have used human development and learning perspectives in my placement to support young people in their personal and social development with providing a case study about them. I will be writing about how the theories demonstrates effective youth and community work practice including the five pillars of youth work. Behaviourists look at behaviour as a response to a certain event. They think our behaviour is concluded by our surroundings which produces stimuli to we respond, and the situations we have been in the past…show more content…
With my situation with Chantelle, I wanted to make sure experience at Volunteering Matters an experience worthwhile. As she was known as the “selective mute” I had to go down to her level and start communicating with her by asking simple questions such as “How are you?” “Are you in college?” “What are you studying?” and making a conversation from there. When I would speak to her, I would make sure I was fully engaged. By doing this I was making her time at placement very enjoyable. I wanted to give her a good experience so she would not be afraid to come back. Also another theory I have used to support Chantelle is Bandura’s (1961) observational learning. It was clear that Chantelle did not have a positive role model in her life. When in placement and working with Chantelle, I would be a positive youth worker for her to be around. I did not have the intensions of her imitating me but seeing me as a positive role model so when I would do things, e.g. talk in front of everyone, I would get Chantelle involved with what I was doing, and she would imitate, I would support her and give her great feedback. By doing that, I wanted Chantelle to find her confidence and knowing that she had my support when she was feeling under…show more content…
I always try to include the five pillars of youth work when working with young people. In this situation, I worked around Ivan Pavlov’s (1902) theory with the five pillars of youth work. The five pillars include empowering, expressive, educative, inclusive, and participative. The five pillars are extremely important when working with you people. I empowered Chantelle in everything she did from getting the bus to being expressive and speaking up about something she wanted to talk about. I made sure that she want being involved in everything everyone else was doing and we made every session inclusive and we took her learning difficulties into account in everything we did and I believe that demonstrates good youth and community work practice. Also with Bandura’s (1961) Social Learning Theory about observational learning, I believe that becoming a role model for young people is extremely important. As a youth and community worker, it is important for myself to be that person who a young person looks up to. I would not want them to imitate me but see me as a good person to learn and develop
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