Pawnee Medical Center Case Study

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As Christopher prepared the budget for Pawnee Doctor Visits, he should have considered the mission and vision of the organization. The mission statement is the purpose of the organization. The vision statement is the aspiration of the organization. The mission statement for Pawnee Medical Center is to create and operate a comprehensive system to provide healthcare and related services, including education and research opportunities, for the benefit of the people we serve. Since Christopher knew the mission of the organization, he should have done a more research to see how the business has managed to stay in business for so long and what has continued to attract customers to the organization. An important factor he should focus on is the budget. In order for any organization to be successful, one must have a budget. The purpose of budgeting includes a forecast of income and expenditure, a tool for decision-making, and a means to monitor business performances. Budgeting is a critically important part of the business planning process. Business owners and managers need to be able to predict whether a business will…show more content…
Koda about his ideas about childhood diabetes. He should have looked into the factors of what causes childhood diabetes and why parents do not get their kids treated when they should. As stated in earlier readings, most parents cannot either treatment for their children or they do not have proper transportation to get their children back and forth to treatment centers. Therefore, Christopher should speak with parents and conduct a survey of reasons why they cannot seek to proper care for their children. I think this will prevent many illnesses and children will have a healthier life. He must look for ways to draw parents to the lectures of childhood diabetes. He could possibly having drawings, free food and games for the kids and transportation for those in
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