Pay Gap Assignment

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REGRESSION ASSIGNMENT I chose Gender Pay Gap and I favor this a great deal because, I truly feel that women should get equal pay the same amount as men for the same work that they both perform. Women are still not receiving equal compensation for labor they put in to get the same jobs done as men in America today. This just doesn’t affect women right now in the present but it enables them in the long run when it comes to securing their retirement checks. Some people feel there are various reasons for the gender pay gap whether it may be the women’s age, race or in some cases their educational level. Having a higher level of education than men may get some women in the door at their job but it doesn’t always get them a seat at the table…show more content…
In today’s economy women are moreover subjected to being judged by their age, their looks, or in a lot of cases by the way that they dress. The “glass ceiling” is also a form of gender discrimination. The glass ceiling refers to the invisible barriers that disable women from getting higher ranks because, majority of the upper level positions are passed by them and given to the men in the company. “Sex or gender discrimination in the workplace is defined as treating someone unfavorable because, of the persons sex, whether they are applying for the job or are already a present employee at then establishment. The Equal Pay Act makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex in the payment of wages or benefits. Within this act, it makes it very clear that both males and females should be getting the same compensation if they are working in the same establishment. Employers are responsible for abiding by these rules or they are liable to get legal action taken against them and in some cases face very expensive fines for their actions. (“Dealing With Discrimination”) The thing I feel that people fail to realize then most is that this gender pay gap is a real issue in today’s society and that it not only affects the women who are working at these jobs but it affects all parties involved including the men who work for…show more content…
Hypothesis: Gender disparity in the workplace could be interpreted as differences in wages between men and women based on their qualifications to get the same
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