Gender Pay Gap History

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2.0 The Past of The Gender Pay Gap 2.1 History of The Gender Pay Gap Gender pay gap has started from a long time ago. As a result of the huge number of American women having occupations in the war industries amid World War II, the National War Labor Board prompted managers in 1942 to deliberately make "alterations which even out wage or pay rates paid to females with the rates paid to males for similar quality and amount of work on the same or comparable operations." However, at the war's end most women were pushed out of their new employments to prepare for returning veterans. Until the early 1960s, newspapers distributed separate occupations postings for men and women. Occupations were classified by sex, with the higher level job positions posted solely under "Help Wanted—Male." Even when the…show more content…
Women encounter greater problems than men with regards to adjusting work and private life. Family, care and household duties are not equally shared. More women than men choose to take parental leave as women often borne the task of taking care their family members. In addition, the lack of facilities for childcare and elderly care have caused women to leave the workforce. According to a survey of working parents done by Pew Research Center (2015), it is found that 39 percent of mothers took time off to take care of their children or family and 27 percent responded that they have to quit their career. On the contrary, around 24 percent of fathers reported having taken time off and only 10 percent have to leave their job due to family obligations. In order to combine work and family responsibilities, women have greater recourse to part-time work. Therefore, women tend to work shorter hours and have more career interruptions than men which lead to a passive impact on their promotion prospects and profession advancement as it also reduced women chances to have a financially rewarding

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