Pay Gap In America

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What is the issue with wage gaps? Well have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re are facing struggles with money but a few months ago you were doing just fine? That might have to do with the wage gaps in the United States of America. When you know that the government is letting this happen I wouldn’t want to trust the government as much. So if the government knows about these wage gaps why aren’t they doing something? So many people have had issues with this wage gap, people with different colored skin to what gender they are. There are women who will get paid 75% of what men get paid just because of their jobs or because people think that they should get paid less because they get stuck with the housework or they are taking care of the elders. To me that is ridiculous, women and men shouldn’t be getting paid the way people see them. Most people think that men have harder jobs and women get the easier jobs but, that isn’t always true. There are plenty of women that are working full time jobs from six o 'clock in the morning to nine o 'clock at night and they could be doing the exact same job as men. So are women really getting stuck with the “easy” jobs? We also have to add that some women that do work the same jobs as men get the same…show more content…
There is a major problem with different races in the word all ready and know there is this wage gap. Granted there has always been a wage gap but i 'm sure you haven’t really paid much attention to this one. Black (african american) people have been discriminated for so long and know that people start thinking about it they also get paid less than white people. Now to me I find that absolutely strange, people shouldn’t be paid differently by the color of their skin. Black male and females are getting paid 76% of what white males and females get paid. Next time you ask a question about people with different colored skin than you maybe you should be asking others why they pay different colored people less than they pay
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