Pay Off College Debt In College Essay

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Many students out of high school take the next step in extending their education by attending college. At the same time, how they choose the right school is one of the most burdening decisions in the secondary education process. Before going to college, the student must start the process to figure out their interests and where it can take them. Once this has been determined, they can start the application process to colleges that will assure success. Unfortunately, many parents of young adults impose limitations to their choices. For example, a student might be forced to go their parent’s alma mater, or school they perceive as the best environment and curriculum for their child. They have the most control in where their child can go because they are the ones that will be providing the most financial assistance throughout college. What they can afford turns into what their child can afford. However, parents need to refrain…show more content…
Colleges provide part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. It encourages community service work and work related to the student’s course of study. Also, the student can either work on or off campus. If they work on campus, the work is usually for the school and the off campus work, the employer will usually be a private nonprofit organization and the work is performed for the public interest. Payment is through the school and they must pay directly to the student or the student can request them to send the payments directly to their bank account or use the money to pay for their education-related charges. Although, the amount of hours they work cannot exceed the total Federal Work-Study award. Where students do their work-study can take them to places where they can gain more information about what they want to do and where they want to do it (FAFSA: Applying for
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