Paying College Athletes Essay

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Paying College Athletes Athletes all over the world struggle to decide what college they want to attend for its sports reputation. The colleges with better reputations like Clemson and Alabama are more likely to have professional recruiters come to their games and recruit young talented athletes. “For instance, nearly half of women’s basketball teams produce less than $100,000 in revenues, while 10 percent exceed $1 million and only two programs topping $4 million”. (Robert & Todd) Most athletes want to make millions of dollars at a professional level and try to achieve a head start by going to a respected sport centered college. But if an athlete goes to a sport centered college, if their grades start to drop the school will just move to…show more content…
They think because an athlete has a scholarship that their food and living expenses are covered. Scholarships will cover the cost of tuition and books but will not cover anything else. Some scholarships will only cover a small amount of a student’s tuition so that the student will have to take out student loans to be able to attend college. There are some athletes that could possible still be paying off their student loans fifteen to twenty years after graduating from college. In Rich Hofmann’s newspaper article, “Jim Delany, the commissioner of the big ten, talked about wanting to consider the possibility of paying scholarship athletes a stipend of somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 to cover the full cost of attending college”, but nothing was ever set into place. An athlete has to pay for food, clothing, gas, school supplies, and other necessities while attending college. According to an article written by Jalen Rose, “providing a $2,000 per semester stipend to student-athletes will at least offer these kids a drop in the bucket to cover living expenses”; which would help relieve a great amount of stress on the students. Athletes are being cheated out of thousands of dollars every year that they make for their
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