Payoff Day Research Paper

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Payoff Day I just finished a Monday practice. Sweat is dripping off my head and my ankles are sore. We put everything in the shed and I thank God that we were going to the locker room. After all the push ups, drills, running, and working my ass off I just can 't wait to go home and eat dinner. I finally get home and i 'm laying on the couch and I realize that the reason i’m out there is for payoff day. The day i get to hit someone that 's in a different jersey, the day i catch that ball and the stands go crazy. Thats what im doing this for, Payoff Day. I wake up one morning with sweat dripping down my forehead and i 'm breathing very heavily. My dad comes in the room because of how scared I was. He asks me “what 's wrong?” I say “I had a dream that I was in a coma from getting hit so hard and everyone was around me crying.” I get to school and i 'm around all of my friends…show more content…
we were play 29 palms that week, they are our biggest rivals after yucca and i just wanted to get yellow paint on my helmet so bad. last year when we played them a big boy crushed me and i hurt my ankle. i was really hoping he was a freshman last year so i could get some payback. I woke up the morning of the game put some makeup on and a mask that looked very human like and went to school. i told everyone that i was an exchange student and would only be there for two days. I talked too the coach about being on the team and he said i could start next game. i was so excited and happy that i got to have a payoff day. we drove down on the bus too go too the game and i told all the kids about my life in africa cause i painted myself black. they thought my stories were so cool even though they were all bull shit. we ate lunch and had a great time on the bus then we arrived and the middle school field``. we were walking too our locker room and the other team walked right passed us and i saw him, the big boy. he was 20 pounds heavier and two inches taller but i knew i would destroy
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