Paypal Information System: A Case Study

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1. Active:

The ACTIVE state of a database transaction is the initial state of a transaction. The database remains in the active state so long as the instructions are executing. That is, while read and write operations concerning the data are taking place, and therefore the transaction is neither successful or failed yet the transaction is in an active state.

For example, say we have an online store where customers can buy books by paying from funds in their PayPal account. The active state for the initial transaction at PayPal would begin once the buyer clicks the "Pay Now" button from their shopping cart to start the session with PayPal that will allow them to pay for the books they want to order, and would continue so long as information
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During the second transaction, which is the one that completes on the seller's own website after receiving the PayPal notification, the partially committed state occurs after PayPal's output has been processed by the website script and the status of the order and commission earnings updated in the database. The seller's database shows that the order is PAID or UNPAID.

The partially committed state is the START of the commit. "Once the commit starts, it will be at the partially committed state" ("techtud", 2015) because the last value of the statement schedule has been written to RAM.

3. Failed:

There are two basic ways that a transaction can arrive at a FAILED
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As mentioned previously, this means that for a PayPal purchase, an aborted transaction would return buyer and seller account balances to their values before the initialization of the transactions. An abort can be triggered by failures in the PayPal transaction such as hardware failure, network outages, and software bugs. In addition, factors influence the completion of a PayPal transaction, such as the amount of funds the buyer has, whether or not they have a backup funding source, which countries and account types the seller accepts orders from, whether there are holds or disputes on either account, and any evidence of

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