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FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND ACCOUNTANCY CIA 2002 : ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM Semester 1, 2016/2017 Assignment: Case Study 15.1 Research Report: HRM/Payroll Opportunities for CPAs Lecturer: Dr. Noor Akma binti Mohd Salleh Prepared by : Low Wei Keat CEA150075 Nadiah Abdullah CEA150091 Nur Atiqah Ramli CEA150101 1.0 Summary Executive The assignment consists of two part which are Part A and Part B. Part A is explain more about Human Resources Management (HRM)/payroll cycle. Part B is explaining more about the CPA that provides payroll and HR services and their types of services that they serve to their clients. Basically,for Part A,it is explain the definition of payroll processing services and human resources services. Moreover,this…show more content…
Payroll administration Payroll administration encompasses all the tasks involved in paying an organization’s employees. It typically involves keeping track of hours worked and ensuring that employees receive the appropriate salary. It also includes calculating taxes. The specific tasks involved in payroll administration tend to vary according to the needs of each company. For example, some companies have workers that receive commissions in addition to salaries. For these companies, commission is a part of payroll administration. b. Benefits administration Benefits administration is the process of establishing, maintaining, and managing benefits for the employees of an organization. Employee benefits typically include medical insurance, pension plans, individual retirement accounts, vacation time, sick time and maternity leave. c. Human resource consulting Human Resources Consultant provide a human capital solution to employers to improve the employee and organizational performance. They provide a technical expertise, and bring a different point of view to a project. Besides, they also can lend credibility to projects and recommendations because of their…show more content…
The expertise of professionals These individuals specialize in the complexities of payroll taxes and compliances with government regulation at the same time. For the payroll services provided by the BDO,the main features of the payroll and treasury services are as follow: a. Flexibility Flexibility is the most important features in its payroll and treasury services. BDO Malaysia provides the flexibility to generate reports and analysis by division, department, pay group or category. The systems of BDO Malaysia can handle multiple rates, pay modes and deductions made in the payroll. BDO Malaysia also able to provide E-payslips to employees, which allowing them to access and self-print their payslips. b. Security Dedicated personnel are assigned to each client of BDO Malaysia. They also employ comprehensive physical and technological measures to secure the privacy of all confidential information of their clients and their staff. c. Local compliances BDO Malaysia will ensure that their clients are updated with the latest regulatory requirements and ensure records and fillings are in compliances. d. Technology BDO Malaysia’s payroll system run on dedicated servers which support their E-portal capability using client employee-specific logon credentials. All communications with the server are encrypted and

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