Paytonia Narrative Essay

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The Telling We told the people that everythings is top notch secret. So far, it’s staying that way. Today we are officially announcing war against Paytonia. I can’t wait. My hair and make-up’s done. Emeralda already put my outfit on. Everything is perfect. Sorry if I’m speaking in clipped sentences. It’s all I have time for. Okay. The Royal Train has arrived. It’s filled with the softest silk blankets and pillows. It has exactly 10 bedrooms, 5 with lofts, 2 each. Each loft has a white swing under it with a mini fridge and personalized snack basket. Every single bedroom has 2 pillows in the shade of white, a white comforter, a private bathroom, and a private closet. Everyone can do up their room to match their personality. The other bedrooms consist of 1 queen sized bed and a mini fridge and a snack bar. I, of course, have a loft and am currently sharing it with Emeralda. Now I’m on the train and in my bedroom. This time, I have 1 purple throw pillow and 2 gold throw pillows. My swing has a purple silk blanket with 3 gold throw pillows. I added a white vanity to my bedroom, and Emeralda’s, and now have…show more content…
The other great thing is that Paytonia only has one ally, but they are in a time of crisis as well. That means that they both need each others help while also helping themselves. Their current ally is Reannah, and they are in a food shortage, drought, and in the middle of a war with one of our allies, Crayann. Crayann is still extremely rich, only slightly less than before, meaning by 0.5 percent. That is because Faria, the Queen of Crayann, had informed her subjects early, before declaring war on Reannah. She told everyone they should take shorter showers, absolutely no baths, conserve food and water, as well as donate more to the treasury. Most people did all of that, and more. They are still going on as close to normal as possible. I hope we can pull of the same thing. It’s what my mom plans to do,
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