Pc 594 Case Study

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This case involves the suspect using her foot to damage the passenger side rear door of the victim’s vehicle in violation of PC 594(a)(1)-Vandalism.

This incident occurred in the first floor parking lot at 777 E. Colorado Boulevard (Target).


An approximate 10”x 10” dent across the passenger side rear door of the vehicle. EVIDENCE:

Photos of the damage to the vehicle which were taken by Officer Kerkorian # which was later uploaded into VeriPic.

On 03-27-16 at 1436 hours, I was dispatched to 777 E. Colorado Boulevard (Target) regarding a vandalism investigation. Dispatched advised the suspect was a female Black, wearing a dark grey shirt, dark grey leggings and a white hat
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Bergeron positively identified Finkley as the person who damaged her vehicle.
I met with Victim Jill Marie Bergeron, who told me the following information in summary: On 03-27-16 at approximatley1430 hours, Bergeron exited the Target’s first floor entrance located on the north side of the building. Bergeron began walking to her vehicle which was parked on the first level. Bergeron heard a female yelling behind her. Bergerson looked over heard shoulder and saw Suspect Finkley walking approximately ten feet behind her. Bergerson noticed that Finkley was yelling at her incoherently.
Bergeron saw that Finkley continued following her. Bergeron reached her vehicle and saw Finkley throw a small plastic bottle of Coke soda in her direction. The plastic bottle came within two feet of Bergeron’s left leg as it hit the ground. The plastic bottle broke open and the soda splashed on Bergeron’s left pants leg. Bergerson saw the plastic bottle rolled underneath her vehicle and appeared to be
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Bergeron began following Finkley onto Hudson Avenue. Bergeron saw Finkley pick up a piece of wood, approximately a foot long and began swinging it and yelling incoherently. Finkely reportedly was not swinging the wood at Bergeron. Bergeron returned to her vehicle and contacted the police department to report the incident.
Bergeron showed me the damage to her passenger side rear door. The damage was approximately 10”x 10” in dimension. Bergeron believes the damage will cost approximately $950.00 to fix. Officer Kerkorian took photos of the damage which was later uploaded to VeriPic.
I arrested Owens for PC 594(a)(1)-Vandalism, PC 243(b)-Battery on a Police Officer and PC 242-Battery. Sergeant Peinado #6977 was advised and approved the arrest. Finkley began complaining of chest pain. Finkley told me that she had a heart attack about two years ago and the pain feels the same. Officer Armenariz telephoned and advised the Pasadena City Jail of Finkley’s complaint of chest pain. Officer Armenariz was advised to have Finkley medically cleared prior to booking.
I transported Finkley to Huntington Memorial Hospital Emergency Room (HMH) for medical clearance. Upon our arrival, Finkley was seen by RN Glavan and Doctor Wong (under MRN #001287070 and FIN

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