Pcos Pros And Cons

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hese are things people look for when getting a PCOS diagnosis; however, many people don’t truly understand what this diagnosis means. A few of my relatives and friends are aware of my PCOS, but the details of this condition remain a secret. In no way am I saying that PCOS is worse than any other condition out there, but it takes its toll not only physically but mentally. It is life-changing in its own right. Nobody sees my daily struggle with this condition that has plagued me for years but never knew what it was.. Nobody watches me as I cry daily, body in pain, wishing that I was somebody else and that this condition would end. Because let’s face it, many of us hate something about ourselves and we all strive for perfection. To the people…show more content…
At the age of 37 I have had to endure appointments, exams, scans, swabs and tests, not to mention seeing several different doctors — half of which involve me being half naked suspended in front of a doctor. And now I have to endure more medication, adding to the tablets that are about an inch long that I currently take three times a day. The sad truth about PCOS is that there is no known cause. A theory is that genetics play a role; however, this is not proven. The effects are not just physical but they take a huge toll on a person’s mental health. Unfortunately PCOS can also cause other issues, gestational diabetes, premature delivery and miscarriages. Not to mention depression, anxiety, diabetes and sleep apnea. Rages, anger, sadness........ PCOS is actually one of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders in women. The condition causes constant embarrassment, pain and fear. Fear that others will see the things about your body and comment about them or that the pain may finally mean that your colleagues are aware of the condition as your pain threshold gives in. Fear because you can hear others question why you are in the doctor’s office, Loved ones not understanding the pain, the guilt over something you can not
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