Pdca Plan-Do-Check Act Case Study

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The PDCA cycle, Plan-Do-Check-Act, or Deming Cycle will be used in the planning process as a temperature check in order to evaluate the progress. The PDCA Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle encourage people to be methodical when problem solving and implanting solutions by following the “plan” in order to identify and annualizing any potential issues, “Do” by developing and testing a potential solution, “Check” which measure how effective the test solution was, and determine whether it could be improved in any way. ‘Act” is implementing the improved solutions ("PDCA," n.d.).
The plan for implementation is to continue with communicating the message of PetSmart new Strategic plan with a lot of communication and quality time. The strategic plan has been communicated by Michael J. Massey, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PetSmart, at the companywide meeting, as well as lunch and learns with senior
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Enthusiastic owners will continuously invest in building enthusiastic owners throughout the organization; this includes pets, pet owners, and employees. Measures will include a number of improvements, surveys, which will be analysis each quarter. Processes will also be in place for employee to commutate concerns that reach the senior leaders. This will also be measured with employee retention surveys. In addition to the enthusiastic owners, PetSmart will implement measures to track repeat purchases from customers. Health and safety is about the health of pets and the safety of PetSmart employees. PetSmart will hold high standard for veterinary services with high customer repeat visit, where pet parents and pets are treated with the best possible care. This measure will track customer service satisfaction surveys and repeat business

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