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In Unit 3, in one of my sections, I had 3 A’s, 11 B’s, 4 C’s, 2 D’s, and 2 R’s. I feel calibrated, and I think that my grades have been fairly even throughout the semester. This particular section did a good job with the persuasive research essay, which is why this time around the class is “B” heavy. Typically, B’s and C’s are the most frequent grades given and I know that this semester the papers have overall been better than in previous semester. I think that this is perhaps because I have a better grasp on what I am teaching, and majority of my students this semester care – I have a lot come into my office hours to talk about papers, get my feedback, and do revisions. I don’t feel as though I’ve been grading any easier than I have during…show more content…
I always start out with higher order concerns in their comments (after providing some positive feedback) before moving into lower order concerns, if that is necessary. I also do use the terminology of higher order concerns (focus, development, organization are the most frequent). Mostly for the papers that are really struggling or failing, I tend to move away from lower order concerns and focus on helping them with the bigger concerns. However, if there is a serious issue with lower order concerns, I usually include that in the end with a note that reminds them that while this doesn’t have a huge impact on their grade, it is still important information for them to keep in mind while writing. The tone in both the A paper versus the R paper is the same. I always try to be positive, and especially with the R paper I always make sure to point out what they are doing well to ensure that they don’t get overwhelmed by a failing paper. I often (if not always) reference back to the marginal comments, as well as specific page numbers and paragraph. After I talk about what is missing, I immediately provide some suggestions on how they can be more successful in their writing. In my global comments, I can work on providing more examples from the paper itself and contextualizing my suggestions even more. By doing it this way, students will have a better understanding of what parts of the paper I am specifically talking about while leading them to think about other places that have the same issue but I may not have written a comment at that specific

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