Pea Patch Island Essay

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How do you get the name Pea Patch Island? Pea Patch Island got its fascinating name when a shipload of peas was spilled onto the island, later forming plants across the island. Pea Patch Island is located in the mid channel of the Delaware river. This island is approximately 1 mile long. Many people visit this island to learn about the history of this island, the activities going on at this island, and what the future holds for this island. Pea Patch Island is an astonishing landmark which was used for many different purposes. For example, Pea Patch Island was home to Fort Delaware. Fort Delaware was a union fort during the civil war. It was made to hold confederate prisoners after the battle of Gettysburg. The fort was made by architect Joseph Gilbert Totten in 1825 to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia. This large star shaped fort held 13,000 confederate soldiers after the appalling battle of Gettysburg. This fort was very important to the union winning the civil war. Major Alexander C.W. Fanning was the first commander of Fort Delaware. Many of these confederate soldiers,who were caught, attempted escape many times which is why many believe the fort is haunted by confederate soldiers. Many people…show more content…
The only plan for this site in the future is to add more activities to attract more visitors. This site is getting a lot of visitors, but with more activities they expect to get more money, and help the residents of Delaware pay less taxes. This site has stayed for as long as it has because it is a civil war monument. Fort Delaware will get more visitors as more activities come so this landmark won’t be a best lesser known tourist attraction anymore. I believe that after a couple of years Pea Patch Island will become a famous landmark.The future of Pea Patch Island is still under consideration but it is a great monument at the
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