Peace Corps Reflection

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A: During my Peace Corps service 3 professional attributes I plan to use are human centered design, project / program management, and Outreach coordination.

Human centered design puts a community at the center of its problem solving and results in exciting and sustainable outcomes. Drawing from my marketing research background I will focus on truly understanding the needs of community while integrating cultural awareness. In this way, I can be a good steward of English education and American culture while encouraging those I encounter to be full engaged and invested in their literacy, community and personal development..

Program / Project management is invaluable to seeking feedback and evaluating ongoing processes and relationships. In this iterative state, I will work to ensure that the outcomes are matching the objectives. This constant reflection will strengthen areas that are __ and reinforce / expand the methods that are going well. This includes, but is not limited to the
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E: My personal aspirations after Peace Corps include preparing for further education via graduate programs to pursue a Phd in public policy, organizational leadership, mass communication, educational leadership, international law, or related field. Peace Corps will prepare me for this endeavour by supporting my passion for education in a dynamic, global context. It will provide me with an opportunity to share the skills have already developed and further refine them.

My goal is to find a career that allows me to refine and expand my skills in media, culture, and communication while serving the community.. Never before has there been a greater demand for solutions to international and domestic affairs. The public service sector is the most direct
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