Peace In Conflict Resolution

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The ASEAN efforts toward peace Peace has always been among humanity's supreme values, especially essential elements of cooperation. It is considered as part of a dynamic social process and meaningful substance in definite relationship cooperation. Because the necessary precondition for trade, economic stability, and a rising prosperity is peace, both within and among countries have to prevent conflict, build a lasting peace, and give citizen security special relevance. Cooperation also needs peaceful environment to proceed and develop. When cooperative relationships are put in an atmosphere of great fear and uncertainty, it would not be facile to achieve the sustainable goals. Building and maintaining peace in the regional cooperation are the…show more content…
ASEAN applied the non-intervention policy to the Cambodian case through using indirect means of diplomacy, communication, and trade-offs to pressure into Cambodia and restrain member countries from the conflict. When a major player in the civil war, the Khmer Rouge guerrillas boycotted the national elections and the terms of a ceasefire was violated, ASEAN request all parties in Cambodia to assume full implementation of their obligations as outlined in the peace agreement. ASEAN declared the suspension of the admission of Cambodia into ASEAN until free and democratic elections can be held in Cambodia. Besides, the intermediate group, “Friends of Cambodia” was created with the participation of an ASEAN troika led by the foreign ministers of Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand for reconciling the confrontational situation in Cambodia between the Hun Sen government and the Khmer Rouge and restore democratic legitimacy to the government. Therefore, without the need for force, ASEAN played an important role in resolving the Cambodian conflict and helping to stabilize the region. Enforcement power utilized a direct and aggressive strategy may not effective to resolve the conflicts and disputes. Governments not only have to spend a large sum of money to develop military force and armaments but also get possibility of incurring the far greater costs during wartime. The horrible disadvantages of war that everyone must have known cause terrible human misery, so war should be used as a last resort when trying to solve international disputes. The humanitarian intervention as a viable strategy, the “ASEAN way”, should be more

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