Peace In Society: The Importance Of Peace

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How expensive is peace? Priceless. Peace is just like time, so precious and needs to be cherished. However, peace is not like time as peace is obtainable if enough is sacrificed and put into achieving peace yet no matter what time cannot be bought. The cost of peace is P E A C E. Letter P stands for the past and the present. To achieve peace, it requires your past experience when handling certain matters. One example is maybe your past memories of how World War Two ended or how different races are able to live harmoniously in the past. The experience you had had helps you understand the importance of peace as well as let you have an idea of how peace is beneficial for a society. Obtain tips from your past and bring them to the present. In the present, this is when you work hard with reference to your past to strive for the peaceful times you want. The present is the only time where you are able to change and affect your future, your peace. You have to pay both your past as well as your…show more content…
Would people feel more comfortable around people who have certain things in common with them or people with totally different backgrounds? They would definitely feel better around people who are similar to them. However, to achieve real peace within a society, equality must be removed in terms of identity, not about the way one treats other people unfairly or differently. One must understand that no two persons will think alike and there will definitely not be 100% agreement between people whether it is of similar or different identities. People must give up equality and be willing to live in a diverse world as equality means everything is the same and hence there will be no variation where the world will be extremely normal and boring. The willingness to form peace in a diverse world can lead to increased information and understanding of our differences that allow us to adapt and appreciate what we are uncommon
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