Organizations In Peace Making

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In peace-making processes for the conflicts in the international relations, there determined several methods and theories in searching for what is the more proper method or what is the more effective organizations in peace-making and peace-building processes for the conflicts in many parts of the world. In this regard, in some cases it has been found that international organizations became effective in peace-making or peace-building processes of conflicts, for instance the role of the United Nations (UN) cannot be disregarded in peace-making and solving the conflicts since it has been established so far. However, as being the regional organization, the European Union or the African Union, as well as The Arab League, have in many cases became…show more content…
Likewise, this research paper aims at determining, debating and arguing the effectiveness of the both regional organizations and international organizations in peace making in global crisis and conflicts, as it will be argued that both have different approaches and effects, as well as different competences in peace making in global sense, as both have quite indifferent organizational structure and culture.

II. The Effectiveness of the Regional Organizations in Peace-making:
Regional organization in many ways can be defined as organizations which are formed by the regional actors and states to make unity and solidarity in political, social, cultural, economic, as well as organizational issues by the member states. “A regional organisation’s peacemaking focus, orientation and effectiveness are shaped by historical, geographic, political and economic circumstances. The relevant factors include the process of state formation, the strength of states, their domestic politics and foreign policies, the level of development, the regional
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For example, the United Nations, have been conducting its peace building mission in global sense since it was founded in 1942, evolving from the League of Nations, founded primarily for conflict resolution of the First and Second World Wars. However, according to Haddadi, the United Nations became now unable to resolute conflict, to international peace and security following the cold war because it was in this period that “the settlement of any dispute was on each organization, particularly regional organizations”. It is moreover stated that the cold war period created a bipolar world, as the world was divided in rival and hostile poles, as the world in those period entered into the world in opposite movements. “On the one hand we are witnessing the formation of larger political unions that blurred national boundaries and on the other hand, unity of the countries was threatened by nationalism, separatism and ethnic, religious, social, cultural and lingual violent conflicts. This is the threat that the Middle East region countries and people are currently facing”. It is therefore that although the UN as being the most successful international organization handled some conflicts in Kosovo,

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