Peace Movement In The 1960's

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“The Peace Movements of the 1960’s challenged authority to achieve a common goal; however, there were subtle differences not only in their aims but also in their methods.” – Critically assess the accuracy of this statement referring to disarmament, students, anti-war and hippie movements in the US during the 1960’s. The 60’s in America was a social revolution, the idea of becoming more accepting of genders and their sexuality, different races and the variety of cultures was prominent. They achieved a lot of this using mass mobilization. These various movements of “people power” that emerged, to form part of the Peace Movement, had the common goals of the disarmament of all nuclear weapons and to end war. However, each movement had subtle differences in both their aims and their methods towards achieving their common goal of peace. The decade of the 60’s in America was marked with great social changes. The new “Baby Boomers” generation wanted to challenge ideas of society, challenge the way people thought and change their values. They detested the tedious monotony of their parents’ lives. They challenged the authority of the time, specifically their parents, the government and the older generations in general. The Baby Boomers became future and forward-oriented, they were politically conscious, idealistic, dedicated to change, and rebellious. It was from this mindset of the Baby Boomers, that the Hippie, Disarmament, Students and Anti-War Movements grew. The Peace
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