Peace Weavers: The Female Characters In Beowulf

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First of all, the female role of peace weaver in the epic poem literature it meant to describes the woman who has married to someone which is bring a peaceful to their household. In the Anglo- Saxon culture, the women role was very loyal to their husbands and promises to obey together in life and society. They does not have any legal rights to their life within the social system nowadays, but the women who were the most dedicated to their preconceived roles in family as a wife always has the most respected in life. In Beowulf's poem, there are two characters who are has the peace weavers as a good wife are Queen Wealtheow and Hildeburh. The character Queen Wealtheow is a wife of King Hrothgar, she was an example of successful in the peace weavers by his husband and his son while they providing her daughter with another peace weaver to a different enemy tribe in their life.…show more content…
In addition, the Wealtheow roles also make her to become as a peace-weaver with both of social and political in her life. Besides that, the contrast of the Queen Hildeburh in the poem are more passive and lack of the experience as a wife, unlike Wealtheow who are destroy their family such as her husband's, her son, and her brother's people in the
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