Peaceful Protest Examples

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Are protest really peaceful or are they really both? How can protesters decide that the protest will be peaceful before they start? Civil disobedience is when someone breaks the law publicly by a nonviolent means (Nathanson.) Protesters committed a crime of civil disobedience; however, They were justified because the Bakken Pipeline construction has been stopped
Are all protesters non violent or are they really violent protesting to happen. An example of violent protesters is when protesters dismantled a fence that once surrounded a pipeline construction site near the Mississippi river (Haley). How can you say all protester are peaceful if they have dismantled a fence just because it was surrounding a construction site. If the protest was peaceful then they should have just marched around with signs not tear down a fence. An example of non-violent protesters would be when protesters have grouped together in the middle of a road to a pipeline construction site To stop worker
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If the police are arresting protesters for trespassing are they really having peaceful protest. An example of this would be from charley haley’s report where she says that some of the protesters say that there will be mass demonstrations until the pipe line is stopped (Haley). If these are peaceful protest why are the protesters giving out threats to people. If the protesters are treating people thing they aren’t have ing a peaceful protest they are having a non-peaceful protest. Another example is when Mark Tauscheck says that the construction workers have a restraining order of twenty five feet on the protesters. (Tauscheck). This could be because they protesters are becoming violent and are having a non-peaceful protest. This could also be because they need to keep the protesters away so they can work or so that the protests do not get hurt. The protesters could say they are having a peaceful protest but they might get a little violent at some points and hurt people or destroy
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