Peaceful Protests In The Civil Rights Movement

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Every generation faces new challenges that echo long-standing injustices. How does each generation tackle these injustices? Does this generation repeat past mistakes or envisions a better future? Does the frustration morph into anger and destruction of communities? Average citizens hold the greatest power to enact change by engaging in peaceful protests. Peaceful protests challenge and demand change from society’s injustices in a nonviolent manner. Injustices provoke the responses from average citizens to set forth a new era of equality. Conducted in a nonviolent manner, peaceful protesting seeks the unification of communities to battle injustices. The unwarranted treatment of African Americas in America prompted the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s. The Civil Rights Movement provides some of the most memorable demonstrations of peaceful protesting. The March on Washington, the Montgomery Bus…show more content…
These individuals retaliate with spite in their hearts and only want to achieve chaos as their primary goal. Yet, this mentality of violent protesting undermines the solidary among communities and negatively impacts the righteous cause. Violent protesting demonstrates the implementation of a short-term strategy to show the accumulation of anger and frustration among communities. The 1992 Los Angeles Riots demonstrated a prime example of the release of the accumulative of anger and frustration among the African American community. According to Bert Useem, a professor of sociology at Purdue University, the acquittal of four police offers from the assault case of Rodney King triggered the response of the Los Angeles Riots (Useem, 1997, p.357). In response to this verdict, nonviolent protests arose throughout Los Angeles neighborhoods, yet the outrage felt by African American citizens quickly consumed the peaceful
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