Peaceful Resistance: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Society believes that peaceful resistance could not positively affect any situation no matter how big or how small. History has proven otherwise. There is a small amount of people committing acts of violence this does not speak for the good of the whole. History shows peaceful resistance positively impacts a free society. Peaceful resistance gives the ability to hear both sides and bridge the gap between opposing sides to help with finding a solution or common ground to build upon. For instance one type of peaceful resistance would be Martin Luther King Jr. This is a man who we all know was one of the most peaceful protest leaders in the United States. Now when you think about the things Martin Luther King said in most of his speeches he always expressed peace and never wanted his protest to promote violence while promoting his point.. Martin Luther King himself said “The time is always right to do what is right” (Martin Luther King Jr) and what he believed to be was for him to lead people into a peaceful protest against discrimination and racism. The man composed himself in such a professional and peaceful way it really made people want to listen to his message and what he stood for without people becoming violated.
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He promoted peace by trying to obtain freedom from the British rule in India. He believed he could accomplish this without resorting to violence or war. He practiced civil resistance to accomplish his beliefs and was successful in gaining freedom for India. Rosa Parks’ stand against discrimination was another example of peaceful resistance. Her standing by her beliefs by not moving from the bus seat did not encourage violence but had the ability to make a lasting statement. Peaceful resistance has proven to work and has encouraged others to get involved without resorting to
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