Peaceful Resistance In America

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Peaceful resistance positively affects our country in ways that are so essential to our American way of life. If America did not have a way to peacefully share their opinions and political views, opinions would rupture and would turn violent. America has a democratic process for this very reason built into it’s government. In fact, the whole government was built on the idea that the people should appoint the leaders that rule the country and if those leaders did not rule justly, to rightly replace them. Peaceful resistance is one of our rights as Americans. We have to right to assemble, to speak freely, and to protect ourselves (1st amendment (Freedom of speech) and 2nd amendment (Right to bear arms)). Peacefully resisting is one of the means of expressing our opinions and exercising our beliefs and freedoms.…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr is a great example on the topic of peaceful resistance. He taught principles of peace and justice. He was a strong leader who stood up to those who took away his freedoms; those who he knew were wrong. During the Civil Right’s movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Martin Luther King challenged the ideas of previous views of African Americans by speaking, protesting, and being a peaceful example of change. His example of peaceful resistance has long been remembered because it had such a lasting effect on our country and the world. Although many of his followers did eventually turn to violence, his ideas shaped the civil rights movement and eventually brought justice to this country. In the end, his peaceful example greatly affected our country in a very positive
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