Peaceful Resistance To Civil Disobedience

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Peaceful resistance with civil disobedience has played a huge role in shaping a free society throughout our history, and not just our history as Americans either. There has been many successful peaceful resistance throughout world history. Many forms of this such as, marches,parades,sit-ins,protests,boycotting and even speeches, have positively impacted or changed a free society. I can't talk about civil disobedience or peaceful resistance without talking about one of the most famous civil disobedience leaders, Martin Luther King Jr., from 1954-1968 the civil rights movement was in effect in the United States. Martin Luther King was a major person during this time. With violence and anger spreading throughout the towns and cities Dr.King knew the right strategy to get positive recognition. For example, Martin Luther Kings sit-in movement sparked national interest to push for civil rights. In 1955 he was recruited to as a spokesman for the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a campaign held by the African American community. The campaign was to force integration on the city buses in Montgomery, Alabama. After 381…show more content…
After World War 1 when Britain didn't grant India their independence,Gandhi called for a strike with peaceful civil disobedience. A term he adopted while in jail after reading an essay written by Henry David Thoreau. His boldest act of civil disobedience was on March 12, 1930, when him and his followers marched across the sea to protest the British monopoly on salt. Soon all of India was protesting, and on August of 1931, during a meeting, British leaders acknowledge him as a powerful force they couldn't suppress. With his peaceful strategy Mohandas Gandhi freed the entire country of
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