Peaceful Resistance To Civil Rights

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A peaceful resistance to law does impact free society in a positive way. If it weren't were random acts of rebellion, many of the civil rights we have today wouldn't have come into being. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Daniel Ells berg have all committed acts of civil disobedience that have reached the history books and impacted our society for the better. However misunderstandings of the definition of civil disobedience and the actions that can be taken can lead to a bad ending. Some people can confuse peaceful resistance to going against the law for everything they disagree on, resulting in charges and eventually police arrest. In History, during a time of racial tribulation and social inequality, people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks are remembered for their act of peaceful civil disobedience that changed the way Americans treated and looked at Black people. Martin Luther King Jr.'s influential speeches and powerful protests are what got Whites to finally recognize the indifference between two groups of people. It's because of Rosa Parks' stand for her right to a front row bus seat that got the Whites to allow equal treatment for the colored people. Their peaceful gave sight to the racist Whites at the time, and allowed equality for all races to enter the constitution and changed…show more content…
One women at an airport named Mihamae had issues with TSA body scans and refused to go through passenger screening. She twisted the breasts of a female TSA officer and was arrested on a felony count of sexual abuse. TSA body scanning is a necessary tool to keep the people safe from any terrorist attack that may occur. Also her act wasn't peaceful. She acted out in anger and physically abused someone. Peaceful resistance should be done calmly and a mature way in order for it to have a positive impact on
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