Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman Analysis

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The name of the author of peaceful warrior is Dan Millman. Dans life is sloppy at the beginning of the movie. Dan has a life change when he breaks his leg. Dan trains to be able to compete in the olympics. Dan wins and qualifies for the olympics. Clearly, the theme of peaceful warrior is the willingness to ignore the truth. First, for the theme of the willingness to ignore the truth is when Dan trains even though he is injured. Dan does swimming and gets back up on the rings. Dan goes running even though his leg is still injured. A quote from peaceful warrior is “ warriors give up on things they love”. Dan keeps doing the rings even though other people thinks he can’t. In conclusion, dan gets back healthy. Next, for the theme of the willingness to ignore the truth is when dan doesn't listen to his coach. Dan tells his coach he’ll be ready in ten months. His friends tells Dan he can not compete to. A quote from the the peaceful warrior is that “ warriors of thing even when there most vulnerable. Dan does training even though he is vulnerable to injury. Certainly, Dan shows signs of a warrior.…show more content…
The coach keeps telling him what the doctor said. He tells the olympic council that he can not compete. A quote is “ don't give up no matter what”. Dan doesn't give up his dream. Definitely, Dan is a warrior. All in all, In Dans peaceful warrior is having the tolerance to ignore the truth is being willing to do what it takes. Dan is training to get healthy again. Dan is telling everybody he can do it. Dan is making his coach believe in him again. Dan is being very persistent Dan has truly proven everybody
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