Peaceful Warrior Film Analysis

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True happiness is something not many people find, they may think they have found it but in reality false happiness is what they have. In the movie Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman believes he has the best life and that he is so happy.But what he doesn 't realize is that it actually is false happiness.He meets a man named Socreties who helps him find true happiness after a life changing accident.In conclusion, pEaceful Warrior has a theme of false happiness turned true. He thought he was happy because he could get any girl he wanted and never be alone. But he wasn 't, that was just another thing that was added to the false happiness that he had made in his mind.What he really wanted deep down inside was someone that was going to…show more content…
When he was able to do really well on the horse and he thought he was on top of the world. He automatically went to Sohcreities and started bragging about how amaxzing he was. He told him that he should have seen his teammates faces when he was up there. That it was the best moment of his life and his teammates were so surprised that he was so good.He was convinced he had found the meaning of happiness. At this point he is starting to figure everything out slowly but surely. He learned that living in the moment and not the past is the meaning of happiness. By living in the moment he found happiness and determination to get back int the gym and try-out for the Olympics.When he went to see societies and told him how amazing he was on the horse. Socrities told him no he had not found the meaning at all because he was living in the past. He found it when he walked into the gym and did his routine perfectly to show the coach that he shouldn 't have given up on him. So, in the end Peaceful Warrior has a theme of false happiness turns true. Dan fought and fought to prove soctrities wrong that he new what happiness was but he didn 't and need the end he learned a valuable lesson about happiness. He thought it was having girls or parting but it really was being sure in your self and doing the thing you love.The movie represented an amazing journey of
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