Peachpaw Dialectical Journal

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The scalding heat of the sun beat down mercilessly against the bare plains of Tornado - clan. Yet it couldn 't compare to the heat in the camp as tension flared between the cats. "What do you mean you can 't find them! My sister and my mate are out there, are you even making an effort?!" Wolfwind hissed, the anger he inhered from his mother flaring up as he glared at the leader of his clan. Peachpaw and her siblings stood nervously by the den. "We 're doing the best we can Wolfwind, however we also need to protect our clanmates still here." Eaglestar responded, beads of sweat forming at the back of his neck as he stood in front of his furious clan mate. "Well your best isn 't good enough! My sister is my only family left, how could you act so…show more content…
"Peachpaw, let your father deal with this." He growled, lightly pushing her away from the scene. "Your daughter is right." A new voice entered the conversation, "Wolfwind calm down, we 'll find her." Quietsnow said calmly, but his voice held warning to it. Peachpaw felt her heart stop as she watched her father whip around with a look of pure fury and anger in his eyes. "What do you know?! You couldn 't even protect her!" Wolfwind roared, slamming his paw on the den wall with a thundering 'thump '. A stunned silence hazed over the clan as looks of horror stared upon the three cats. Feeling the piercing gaze of his clan mate 's burning into his pelt, Wolfwind hissed turning his rage and blotting out of the camp. "Dad wait!" Peachpaw yelled out, preparing to go after him before she felt the firm tug of a paw tugging her shoulder. "Don 't, give him some time to himself." She heard the firm voice of Quietsnow above her. Looking at his expression, it was hallow yet a mixture of emotions were like a raging storm in his clear blue eyes. Biting her lip, she looked down at the ground knowing better than to defy the former leader. As the clan cat cleared away from the area, night time fell yet Wolfwind did not return.
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