Peachtree Accounting

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The purpose of this research paper is to further increase the understanding of how does Peachtree Accounting Software helps in preparing financial statements. More knowledge on this topic could prove useful to understanding on how Peachtree becomes accommodating in the preparation of financial statements. Because of the dominance of technology usage in almost all folds of human attempt, the researchers had offered to conduct a study on Peachtree and Its effect on the Preparation of Financial Statements to Selected CBEAM Students. Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions: 1) What is the demographic profile of the respondents, as in terms of courses and year? 2) What are the features of Peachtree Accounting Software that has been…show more content…
Accurate record keeping is critical because of the continuous business transactions and the unending changes in finance. Through the use of computerized accounting systems, recording and posting of transactions, making financial statements, and the principle of double entry bookkeeping can be automated when done.
According to Lewis (1999), the wastage of time on recording business transactions and preparing financial statements can be limited with the use of computerized accounting software. Computerization can lead to a better quality of financial reports.

As determined by Van (n.d), computerized accounting software is a system used for recording financial information. It is made up of computers and a software program. This system is used to record the transactions of an enterprise and this transaction has been recorded and made into the system. He added that computerized accounting system is use to record all information and summarize in the form of financial
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Peachtree is easy to set-up. With a little knowledge about accounting, one can set it up. Peachtree is a completely functional accounting system that allows issuing invoices, receiving payment, printing check, tracking expenses and identifying transaction mistakes. Cramer (2014) added that Peachtree is a great system to use by starting business because of its accommodating features and functions.

The Peachtree Accounting Interface allows users to view information for different menu options. With the use of these menu options, users can generate sales orders, invoices and reports; create and pay bills; track all aspect of inventory. Peachtree Accounting is a live accounting system. It is designed to enable users to have access to the most up to date financial data at all times. (Reis, n.d)

Peachtree Accounting Software takes a more difficult and complex process and reconstructs it into a simple process that anyone can use. Peachtree provides accuracy that manual bookkeeping cannot. The software can make journal entries, balance accounts, and view financial statements. (Using Peachtree Accounting Software,
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