Peak Performer Strengths And Weaknesses

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A peak performer is someone who is successful in learning throughout their life span. It means that a person is willing, motivated, and able to learn through experiences and changes. Peak performers strive to maintain the right attitude and skills that are needed to reach their goals. They train themselves to turn negativity into positivity by working through their mistakes. Learning from every aspect of life including education,social experiences, hardships, and the changing world are strong attributes of a peak performer. When faced with a difficult situation, a peak performer would take away new knowledge as they find a solution. A peak performer knows the power they hold within themselves and is aware of what they can contribute to life. They focus on results and take…show more content…
Knowing my strengths and weaknesses will be beneficial in personal and professional life. While searching through Google, I noticed there are websites that have self-assessment tests. I have not researched those any further but assume they would be like the ones we have at the end of our READ material. It is important to know your learning style to be able to enhance the way you retrieve new information. Knowing my learning style and realizing my strengths and weaknesses will play a major role in my life, especially at work. I know I have a few weaknesses that make my job harder than it should be. I am a "people pleaser", therefore, it can be hard for me to discipline. At times I end up doing extra work so someone else won 't have to. I consider myself an assertive person but my compassion and empathy can get in the way. Those qualities are good to have while working with adults who are developmentally disabled. I struggle with anxiety which is a major weakness of mine too. Managing stress will keep work separated from my home life and create more peace within

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