Peak Performers

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What is a peak performer ? A peak performer is someone " who become masters at creating excellence by focusing on results." Peak performers can be very diverse. Peak performers have many different qualities such as, but are not limited to: setting and achieving goals, good problem solving skills, and are confident and resilient. Peak performers don 't allow negative thoughts to stop them. Anyone can become a peak performer. For instance me going to college and learning new skills that makes me a peak performer. There are so many ways to become a peak performer. Thinking and solving problems is also a good quality of someone, who is a peak performer. Peak performers never stop learning. A peak performer doesn 't just make mistakes and…show more content…
Auditory learning is a learning style that involves learning by listening. Auditory learners are people that use their hearing sense the most. They learn best by listening. For an auditory learner, written directions are much harder to understand than directions that were read out loud to them. They love having someone read to them. Auditory learners usually have very good memory skills and can remember names better than faces. When trying to remember a specific thing, an auditory learner might say it out loud to themselves over and over again. Auditory learners are usually distracted very easily. They also like to hum to themselves. Auditory learners might benefit from recording classes on an audio tape so they can play it back whenever they might need it. Being that we all learn and process information differently, we need to know what our preferred learning in order to increase our performance in school. I plan to take this information and use it to focus on my strengths and strengthen my…show more content…
I am a loyal, understanding,sensitive and cooperative person. Being characterized as a supporter increases my efficiency working with others, moreover I have the ability to become diverse and share my ideas with various people in my life. A supporter is someone who has the characteristics of being loyal, gentle, understanding, and very sensitive. I pride myself in being loyal to others. I believe that having these strong characteristics makes it possible for me to relate well to other people. I have the ability to understand the feelings and situations of my peers. I also have many characteristics of an analyzer. I am a very observant and detailed oriented person. I will always watch others and how they do things. This gives me a better understanding of what to expect from others. I feel that as I pay attention with my eyes and ears, it will help me learn on a visual level of

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