Peanut Butter And Jelly Research Paper

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The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a tasty, yet simple American comfort food that kids and adults enjoy eating for snack, or lunch. Enjoy it the traditional way or you can be original and customized it any way you want. Follow these step by step instructions to get started with your delightful peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Ingredients: Bread of choice (whole wheat, white is most common) Peanut butter (any preference) Jelly or jam (any preference) STEP: 1 Gather all needed ingredients. You will need peanut butter, some jam or jelly, and some bread. There are various brands of bread and spreads to pick from, so you 'll have to do a slight experimenting to identify the best combination for you. Various forms of peanut butter come with…show more content…
The two most frequently used are grape and strawberry. Nevertheless, you could branch out to a sharper taste like raspberry, or a combination of numerous different varieties of jellies/jam. For the bread you 'll maybe want to choose something that doesn 't overpower your other flavors (like a rye or sourdough), so you 'll perhaps need to go for simple whole wheat or white bread. STEP: 2 Spread peanut butter equally onto one part of the bread using a breadknife. You 'll choose how much peanut butter you desire, but if you 're going to be taking the sandwich someplace, you 'll perhaps want to go easy on the peanut butter, or else it will spread all over the place before you get a chance to eat it. Mix and stir your peanut butter in advance to soften it and make it easier to spread on the bread part. Additional tip for spreading peanut butter, specifically the kind with peanuts in it, is to place some of the peanut butter in a bowl/plate and microwave it on high for approximately 15 seconds. It will spread on the bread like butter. STEP: 3 Spread jelly or jam consistently onto the other portion of the bread. You 'll want to use a small teaspoon or breadknife. Yet again, unless you 're going to be eating it right away and you truly enjoy jelly, attempt to avoid overwhelming your
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