Essay On How To Make A Peanut Sandwich

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How to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
In this document, I’m going to describe one way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, from here on out I’ll use the term PB&J when referring to the end result. There are many ways to make a PB&J, but I’ll keep this simple and describe making a classic PB&J. A PB&J is a favorite meal for many folks because you have the convenience of a sandwich (two pieces of bread with some kind of filling “sandwiched” between them), with the yummy and nutritious layer of Peanut
Butter, along with the sweet, almost desert layer of Jelly or Jam. What’s even better, you get to choose your favorite flavor of Jelly, favorite style of Peanut Butter, and finally, your preferred kind of bread.
To start, you’re going to want a
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Position the knife so that start of the peanut butter on the knife lines up with the end of the layer of Peanut Butter already on the bread.
Now use the same lateral motion as before to gently press the peanut button into and across the slice of bread along the opposing edge of the previous layer of Peanut Butter.
Did you increase the width of the Peanut Butter layer from before? Is the thickness of the layer of Peanut Butter consistent and does it cover the bread evenly?
Continue adding additional passes of Peanut Butter onto that first slice of bread until you’ve covered the entire slice with a nice even layer of Peanut Butter.
Step 3: Layering the Jelly
If you have a second knife, use it to scoop out a dollop of jam, or if you only have one knife, give it a rinse so that any peanut butter residue left on the knife doesn’t get deposited in the jar of Jam. Now, similarly as the action performed to spread the peanut butter, place the knife with the jam on it above the second slice of bread, the one without any peanut butter on it. Start at one edge of the slice and gently draw the jam across the slice of bread, leaving a ⅛” layer of jam. Repeat with as may dollops of jam as
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