Peanut's Christmas Tree Short Story

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Ryan Peanut’s Christmas

One Christmas Eve Mr. and Mrs. Johnson went to their baby room. Their baby’s name was Sally and their dog’s name was Peanut. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson said ‘we are going to grandma’s house for tonight, so take care of Sally would you Peanut”.
After they left the house Sally woke up from her slumber. She climbed down the blue and purple crib and hopped on the dog’s back. So then they went down the stairs.
The living room had a Christmas tree with ornaments and a star on the top. The baby wanted to hop off because she wanted to make a tree by herself. Peanut obtained the supplies and Sally made her tree. She obtained the ornaments from the huge Christmas tree. Then she put the
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The dad said “Santa might get you that for Christmas”. Beside them was a dog that was looking at the toys and he wanted a home so he said “can I come home with you”? So then the baby said “ok you can come home with us
Then they went into the toy store to look at the toys but when they went a voice said “CONGRATS YOU ARE OUR 1,000th CUSTOMER”. When they left the toy store they grabbed the gift basket and said “thank you”. Then the guy took down the sign?
When they were walking down the street they passed a guy wearing a Santa suit and he said “Don’t be greedy help the needy”. He said “hello would you like to donate to the needy”. Then Peanut dropped the gift basket and Sally dropped her hat in the bin that he was standing by. The man said “Thank you and have a Merry Christmas”. When they were walking a bunch of Christmas carolers were singing “Jingle Bells” so when one caroler noticed that she didn’t have a hat so the caroler gave her a hat. Sally said “Thank you”. The lady said “Your welcome and have a Merry
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Then came two mice named cheddar and one named cheese and Mr. Whiskers.
So they all went to sleep under the fireplace. Hoping if Santa comes tomorrow
After there was a loud jingling noise. It was the noise of bells. Only Peanut woke up to the noise because he has amazing ears.
So then he went outside to investigate what the noise was and to see if it was
When he arrived outside he looked around and he saw a sleigh. He also saw Santa sitting in it. He saw a sleigh He also saw 8 reindeer with silver and gold bells on them ringing lots of times.
Santa said “hello little doggy would you like would you help me deliver presents”. Peanut said “ok I will help you Santa”. After they went inside and Santa drank the milk and ate the cookies.
Then he handed cheese to cheddar and cheese the 2 mice, a bone for the brown dog, a new hat for Sally, and fish for the cat After Santa pulled out a red collar with Peanut’s name on it. He said “There you go and thanks for helping me”. He put the collar on Peanuts neck.
After he climbed up the chimney without anyone waking up and he said “HO-HO- HO Merry Christmas Peanut”. Then he laid on the carpet in the room thinking about how amazing this adventure
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