Peanuts In South America

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Peanuts History:
Peanuts have existed in South America for thousands of years. It is very significant diet for the South America and Maxico. They are basically used in many African countries and converted into traditional foods. They were valued as a blessed food and moved to the North America, which is beginning firstly into this the region. Peanuts are considered as a popular gain in popularity in the U.S b y the struggle of the particular persons like George Washington and the St. Missouri. The most important leading countries of Peanuts are India, United States and China.
Peanuts are the kinds of Nuts, which is considered as a very delicious and crunchy in the winter. Technically it is not nuts, but Peanuts are the member
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Arachin and Conarachin are mainly considered the most significant type of peanuts which are generally allergenic to many people.
Peanuts are mainly less in carbs which contain about 13-16% of total weight. Because of high protein level and low level of carbs, peanuts have a low glycemic index. It is very useful for the diabetes people.
Vitamins and Minerals:
Peanuts have high vitamins and minerals level. Various studies show that the despite that peanuts have high in calorie and fats, they are considered as a healthy food.
Benefits of
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Some of the studies show that the peanuts can reduce the risk of developing gallstones by 25%
4. Protect from Cancer:
Peanuts like Legumes have big concentration of phytosterol called beta-sitosterol (SIT) which is useful to protect form cancer and reduce the tumor growth. U.S studies shows that the when women and men eat at least 27% and 58% peanuts then it lower the risk of getting colon cancer.
5. Helpful to increase Memory:
Peanuts are helpful in increasing the brain functioning and boost the memory because it it often named as brain food which contain Vitamin B3. Peanuts also include resveratrol which control the blood flow by 30%.
6. Reduction in Depression:
One of the brain chemical which includes mood circulation named Serotonin, which is responsible for causing depression. Peanut also contain amino called tryptophan struggle for the depression. Serotonin which is anti depressant involve in effecting the increased formation in the blood level.
7. Beneficial in

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