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20 Amazing Health Benefits of Pear Juice
Pear is delicious fruit with a typical shape and thin skin which is usually green in color. The inside fleshy part of pear is white to off colored with a smooth texture and the ripe variety has an amazing juicy softness. Pearl is delicious and sweet to taste .Pear is not only known for its taste; it is also famous for its health benefits. Not only the fruit but also a glass of fresh pear juice will give you respite from the heat and will bestow superlative health benefits on you. Mentioned below are some such amazing health benefits of pear juice.
1. Good for the digestive tract:
A glass of pear juice has high fiber content which is good for the digestive tract. Pear juice contains pectin which acts
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Helps prevent cancer:
Pear juice contains compounds which help prevent cancer effectively. The fiber helps to remove the carcinogenic cells in the colon and prevents colon cancer and they also help prevent breast cancer. Vitamin C, copper, quercetin and hydroxycinnamic acid in the pear juice help in the prevention of different types of cancers.
3. Good for the heart:
Pear juice contains fibers which help in reducing the level of bad cholesterol and help in keeping the heart healthy and prevent the risk of heart diseases.
4. Good for the bones:
Pear juice contain a compound called as boron which helps in the absorption of calcium which we all know is very important for the good health of bones. Thus pear juice is useful in preventing
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This condition can be overcome with pear juice as it helps in reducing the phlegm. Pear juice is also effective on cough and has a soothing effect on throat problems and is also found to be effective on asthma.
9. Energy booster:
A glass of pear juice contains adequate amount of fructose and glucose which are absorbed quickly by the body and help in providing instant energy.
10. Helps improve immunity:
Pear juice is a rich source of vitamin C and copper which are known to help the body fight infections better. Pear juice thus helps improve immunity of the body.
11. Helps reduce fever:
Pear juice is known to have a cooling effect on the body and hence it is recommended for patients suffering with fever as it helps reduce fever.
12. Useful against age related ailments:
Pear juice is useful in preventing or reducing ailments related to increasing age such as vision problems due macular degeneration in the old age, Alzheimer’s disease etc.
13. Useful against gall bladder stones:
Pear juice contains a compound called malic acid which helps in the elimination of stones in the gall bladder.
14. Good for weight

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