Pearl Harbor 9/11 Attack Essay

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Pearl Harbor was a surprise terrorist attack on U.S soil from a foreign country, Japan.This attack happen when Japan was messing with China.Japan wanted to take over parts of China and try to take its import markets.The U.S was unhappy for the way of Japan treating with China therefore, the United states put trade embargoes on Japan.The United States told Japan to stop.Japan was more determined and stood their ground that they 're not going to back down.In the nineteen forties Japan was a belligerent country.In nineteen fourty one December seventh, over one hundred fire figther planes attacked the american military bases in Hawaii.It was tragic moment, the attack lasted about two hours.The presdient, Frankelin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan, the Congress approved. During the attack on Pearl Harbor two thousand sailors and soldiers died and one thousand people were wounded however, this attack was similar to the bombing of the twin towers in New York on September eleventh, two thousand and two.The attack on nine-eleven was a message to the government.About three thousand people died from the attack on nine eleven that was orchestrated by Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is a terrorist group organization that was founded by Osama Bin Laden and many other people. In Iraq, there were economic sanctions that Al Qaeda found as a reason to kill Americans. Iraq had serious demographic problems.The country’s population grew every ten years in the early nineteen fifties.…show more content…
The difference between both attacks was that during the nine eleven attack the planes were hijacked by Terrorists and the planes that bombed New York during Nine-Eleven were from Japan.The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was the deadliest recorded on American soil. Eighteen warships and one hundred-sixty four aircraft were damaged or
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