Pearl Harbor And 9/11 Similarities

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Date of Infamy

Even though the attacks of september 11, 2001 and December 7, 1941 are different, they are also similar in many ways. They were both targeted to destroy many lives as well as property. The pearl harbor attack destroyed about 2000 lives and a large amount of military equipment and supplies such as 20 american vessels and more than 300 airplanes. The September 11 attack was meant to take big amount of innocent lives including men, women, and children, it took about 3000 lives. Also since the twin towers were financial and business buildings, they meant to destroy the economy of the country. They are similar in the way that they caused fatality, damage, and chaos in such a short period of time. The reason that makes …show more content…

Other disorders and stuff that were found most common was depression and PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). It would make sense for most of them to have PTSD because what they saw can not be unseen. Just like retired military veterans or soldiers they have mental breakdowns because what they saw for example, seeing their friend in front of them or other innocent people dying. That is exactly what most of the 9/11 first responders went through. The depression also made sense because all the innocent people that died or their relatives caused a lot of people who had been diagnosed with depression. The sad part about these diseases or disorders is that it still affects these 9/11 first responders to this day. I believe the government honored the victims of 9/11 by making the ground zero monument, by going after the terrorist extremists, by upgrading the security at airports, and raising awareness among society to be cautious of terrorist attacks and to report them. To add on about what i was just saying is that George Bush and the rest of the government did honor all these people that passed away on 9/11 because they made the united states army go to war with them in afghanistan and all these other islamic countries that the terrorists have tooken control. During this time many many soldiers died in a way that they did it for all the people that died on 9/11. In Iraq 4,486 soldiers died and in Afghanistan 2,345 died.So in my opinion i think the president and government did not

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