Pearl Harbor Dbq Essay

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Everyone knows about Pearl Harbor, however, do people know why? Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese on December 7th, 1941 at approximately 7:55 am. 361 Japanese planes attacked the American naval base in Hawaii. During this time, people around the world were witnessing the impacts of WWII. Japan had signed a pact to be allied with Germany and Italy. All of them shared the same goal: expansion. The United States did not want to be part of WWII, it wanted to remain neutral. The U.S. was recovering from the previous war, WWI, and did not want to be involved in any other conflict. On the other hand, Japan seemed to have sufficient reasons to attack the United States through Pearl Harbor. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because the U.S. placed an embargo on Japan, it wanted more oil, and because the United States did not agree with it political ideas.…show more content…
fleet from California to Pearl Harbor. Then, in Document B, we can observe that after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Asian countries with oil were occupied by the Japanese. Based on the evidence from both documents, we can infer that Japan wanted to get rid of the navy in Pearl Harbor to be able to advance to other lands. Japan knew that in the presence of the U.S. Navy, nothing was going to be done. Japan had not been an ideal country in the eyes of the Americans for a while. It had been attacking Manchuria, part of present-day China. In Document C, we can tell that tensions build up throughout the years in Eastern Asia, and the U.S. makes a comprehensible action; beginning an embargo. This was a way of the United States telling Japan to stop attacking other countries. The U.S. also did not want to be contributing to all the attacks in Eastern Asia. The text shows us how Japan decided it was their turn to take action after just two
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