Pearl Harbor Effects

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Without even knowing Pearl Harbor was going to happen we were in some way unaware that a surprise attack would even happen. Now we are constantly on guard for the safety of our nation, government, and people. I will explain the before, during, and after effects of how Pearl Harbor affected America because the after effects have now taught our nation a lifelong lesson and united us as a whole ever since. The day of the attack had come as an unexpected event that has now kept our nation aware at a 24/7 pace. Pearl Harbor had affected our military and governments thought process before the attack had taken place. Previous months before December 7th, 1941 America and Japan had been going head and head with each other. The United States wanted…show more content…
Hawaii time, on a Sunday, 360 Japanese war planes attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor. The surprise attack that, lasted about two hours, against the United States immediately put us into World War II. On this day two radar operators had spotted an alarming large group of aircraft coming their way from the north. They were told to not be alarmed due to the fact that a flight of B-17s were expected from the United States during that time. Thus, when the air assault coming from the Japanese came, it came as a surprise to the naval base. A 1,800-pound bomb crashed into the deck of the USS Arizona sinking it with more than 1,000 men trapped inside it. Following behind the bomb were torpedoes that drilled into the USS Oklahoma battleship with 400 sailors aboard. After the two hour long attack had finished just about every battleship- USS Neveda, USS Tennessee, USS Pennsylvania, USS Maryland, USS Utah, USS West Virginia, USS California, USS Oklahoma, and USS Arizona- had dramatic damage. Every battleship beside USS Utah and USS Arizona were eventually repaired. The majority of the fleet was concluded as useless after five of eight battleships, seven ships, and three destroyers were either sunk or damaged beyond use. Fortunatley and thankfully for the America, all three of our Pacific fleet carriers were on training maneuvers out at sea. Also, more than two hundred air crafts were destroyed, 2,400 Americans were killed, and 1,200 were…show more content…
Three days later, Japanese allies Germany and Italy had declared war against the United States of America. Quickly after many Japanese Americans were rounded up and either deported or placed in an internment camp. The way the nation moved was centered around the war from daily lifestyles to themes for movies. America’s view of war quickly changed politically since we first opposed entering the war. It wasn’t until Germany and Italy declared war that America was shoved to enter the European front. The economy did a complete turn once we were pushed into the war. War bonds were issued, taxes were raised, and banks began purchasing millions in bonds in support of the war. The industry, especially the automotive industry, became a vital part of the war. The automotive industry quickly became a place where car metals were now turned to into planes to produce for the American military forces. The whole nation became a whole once again, all with one thing on their mind, to be declared victorious against the axis
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