Pearl Harbor Memorial

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Everyone in America has heard of Pearl Harbor before if you’re at least the age of 10. But how many people actually know what happened at pearl harbor besides it was attacked? Well you can learn quite a lot from actually looking into a subject. This is just a quick summary of the attack, the significance of it, and the memorial.
Well Using multiple articles to get good facts I’m getting the information for the attackk from many articlues but i feel this one fits best. I need article “Pearl Harbor” I can sum up the attack. “The attack began at about 7:55 a.m. A total of nineteen ships were wrecked.” The attack was planned out into two stages. It started at 7:55 a.m. destroying nineteen ships. The USS Arizona was one ship that accounted for almost half the deaths in pearl harbor. As a bomb hit its forward magazine exploding in flames. It was over by 9:15.
There 's a memorial that houses over 1,000 dead bodies and is the USS Arizona memorial. In the article “Pearl Harbor” it talks about the USS Arizona memorial widely known as a Pearl harbor memorial. World War II was ending and since it was the start of the war and one of the most brutal attacks on America ever. “After the close of World War II, pressure mounted to establish a memorial at Pearl harbor.” The memorial is built of 3 parts. A central room above the
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But yet they still failed. “First, the Japanese missed their prime targets:the aircraft carriers Lexington and Enterprise (both of which were at sea), and Saratoga. Second, the Japanese failed to destroy the huge oil storage facilities, without which the Pacific Fleet would have been forced to retire to the West Coast.” Many historians argue if they should have attacked us. It was only a matter of time before the U.S was going to be sent into World war II it was a great reason to start early. As the attack didn’t hurt us too much as we were attacking back within 3 days. The japanese had failed there attack and we were catapulted into a war on 2
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