Pearl Harbor Monument Essay

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It was memorial day of 1962, a 184 foot long and 36 feet wide boat was underwater and a new structure was built right over the boat and just now open to the public. The name of this boat was the USS Arizona, the monument is called the Pearl Harbor Monument. In 2013 the government went down and there wasn’t anybody to take care of the monument. Then, some of the locals (islanders, people who live on the island) came and took care of it (raked, mowed the lawn, and weeded) and then when they were asked why they did it they just said “We haven’t forgotten about you. We will never forget about you” referring to the veterans. Pearl Harbor it is the most interesting monument in the United States.

Pearl Harbor is a very fascinating monument in the
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It was December 7, 1941 and the time was 7:52AM and everything was peaceful and just a nice day in Hawaii despite the partly cloudy skies. Then with only 1 minute passing the next thing you knew Pearl Harbor was being bombed by the powerful Japanese Air Force. Out of the 100 ships at Pearl Harbor, Japan targeted the 8 battleships including the USS Arizona. By 8:10AM, the USS Arizona was severely wounded. Then the bombs just kept on coming and 1,777 soldiers went down with the USS Arizona, which resulted with the bombing ending just 2 hours after the first hit. After that, for the next 2 weeks people were going into the ship in scuba gear trying to get some of the people out, they decided to give up with at least 900 people left. There were between 318 and 355 known survivors. People didn’t even think about the USS Arizona until the 1950 annual flag raise. People wanted to build a monument to honor the soldiers. After that, in 1958 legislation passed to raise money for the memorial, it was approved by President Eisenhower. It cost about $532,000 to build and Elvis Presley had a benefit concert and raised about $54,000 just to donate to the monument! To conclude, Pearl Harbor is the most fun
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