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Pearl Harbor Bombing Thesis The Pearl Harbor bombing took America by surprise, but the Japenese had every second planned out. America might have been prepared for this bombing, though, because a declaration of war was already created and signed. Much damage was caused to the Americans, but the Japenese came out with little to no damage compared to the Americans. Background Before the bombing at Pearl Harbor, Japan had decided to take an aggressive approach of attack to end their economic downfall. In 1931, Japan takes over Manchuria, China. Shortly afterward, In 1937, Japan takes over Nanjing, and commits rape and mass killings all over Nanjing (known as the Nanjing Massacre). As a result of Japan’s actions, the United States tried to stop the expansion and devastation of Japan, and stops the trade of essential materials and trade items to Japan such as oil, scrap metal, etc. Since Japan is an island nation, trade is essential to keep Japan functional. After trade was cut off with Japan, it was thought that it would stop Japan’s expansion, and everything would return to normal. The opposite happened. The trade being cut off led Japan to hold their ground, …show more content…

declared war on Japan and brought the U.S. into World War II. World War II was the war that boosted many industries in the U.S., and brought their economy up with it. It brought America’s name to the table, and in this instance the U.S. wins. During the bombing, 123 planes were damage and 205 were destroyed in the U.S., with 3 battleships destroyed and 16 battleships badly damaged (Remembering Pearl Harbor). The Japenese army only lost 29 out of the 350 planes that were used to bomb Pearl Harbor (Why was the usa so unprepared for the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941?). In this instance, Japan won because they lost less soldiers, war machines, and money, and their attack turned out to be a surprise as planned. In the end, the U.S. wins, but during the bombing, Japan wins by a long

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